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Safeguarding Briefing - 4th January 2018

Dear Colleague,


As we move towards December, the party season will start. For many young people they will be attending events for the first time, some of which may be unsupervised by adults. Alcohol maybe around, and perhaps street drugs like cannabis, this will impair judgement. It is into this mix that an awareness of consent and risk is really important.

At parties where there are mixed age students, the legality of sexual behaviour is even more important. Although the age of sexual consent in the UK is 16, whether straight, gay or bisexual; 16 and 17 year olds are also protected from sexual exploitation, including sexual activity with people in a position of trust.

The Scottish government have an excellent webpage and ebook with key messages about consent. I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that it is equally relevant to England and Wales too. The webpage reminds us that 'when discussing consent, it should be noted that these messages refer to any sexual activity/experience (anything from sexual comments, kissing, sexual touching to oral, vaginal and anal sexual intercourse). This may also include online relationships and sexual activity.'

You can find the Scottish government page here:

The Scottish government Key Messages page can be downloaded here:
Key Messages for Young People on Healthy Relationships and Consent

Consent as tea - VIDEO

A few years ago, Thames Valley Police (TVP) commissioned an animation likening consent to drinking tea. It is well-worth considering using this video, as it is effective at prompting discussion. Remember to use this specific video from TVP, as there are a lot of 'spoof' videos on YouTube which are not be appropriate.

Watch the video here: (Thames Valley Police)

Devon and Cornwall Police has a good reference page here:

Legal Position

What is consent (Crown Prosecution Service):

Other resources

PSHE Association

Avon and Somerset Police has a series of lesson plans to support a number of areas of PSHE including consent. The Youth and Policing website can be found here:

FPA* Projects and Training Manager, Mel Gadd, shares her top tips for consent lessons within relationships and sex education.

*After 89 years, the Family Planning Association (FPA) was placed into liquidation on 15 May 2019 and no longer exists wither as a company or a charity, but their website and resources have been bought by McCorquodale (Midlands) Ltd., trading as FPA, the sexual health company. is an American resource with a useful one minute video for use with young people, which asks if they can spot five examples of ways to ask for consent.

Find out more here:


Alan Mackenzie's last downloadable esafety magazine for schools, organisations and parents to keep you up to date with risks, issues, advice and guidance related to keeping children safe online, with a view to enjoying and learning about technology.

Contents in the November 2019 includes Deepfakes, A.I. Influencers, Project Evolve, GoBubble and the IWF's #NoSuchThing campaign to end the use of the phrase ‘child pornography’. It’s child sexual abuse imagery and videos. ‘Child pornography’ implies consent, yet children cannot be complicit in their own abuse.

Download # DITTO here:

YoungMinds Wellbeing Advent Calendar

The lead up to Christmas is a fun and exciting time, but for some pupils it can be a very difficult time, and leave them feeling anxious, lonely or stressed. Young Minds has created a Wellbeing Advent Calendar, to help young people take 5 minutes a day throughout December to provide an opportunity for pupils to learn activities and exercises that will help them look after their mental health.

You can download the advent calendar here:

Getting Help in the Holidays Cards (Young Minds)

These small cards have helpline numbers for Young Minds Crisis helpline, ChildLine and the police, so that pupils can get help if they're struggling with their mental health during the holidays.

Download the Young Minds crisis cards here:

Governor Training for Safeguarding

I have a free safeguarding email course for governors. Over ten weeks participants will be taken through all aspects of their safeguarding duties as a governor. At the end of the course a certificate is generated and can be filed in the school's CPD record.

To join the course, please share this link:

Safeguarding.Pro members can access the course all at once, but sometimes even that is too much.

NEW Governor Meeting Presentation

Although the email course is great, sometimes it is better to sit together and work through the issues. This new slide set takes a group through some of the main issues in the governance of safeguarding. In addition, there are three printable resources that will prompt discussion about how governors know that the school’s safeguarding and child protection systems are robust.

Safeguarding.Pro members can access the slide set here:

If you are looking for short videos for discussion starters and CPD,, a new, video-based, social discussion platform provides a safe place, to discuss diverse subjects and share valuable information about a range of topics.

MyPOVonline is a place of learning, sharing ideas and lived experiences that may be helpful to others featuring real people, talking about real topics of interest or importance.

A wide-range of videos cover a range of topics, including:

Education - teachers, researchers and consultants discuss school philosophy, well-being in schools and education, and links between school exclusions and knife crime.

Youth Crime - criminologists, police officers and youth workers and many others, discuss their understanding of gangs, county lines, and effective intervention and prevention.

Mental Health - Psychiatrists, Mental Health Advocates and Experts in the field share Personal Stories and Experiences of a range of mental health and neurodiversive conditions such as depression, eating disorders and trauma.

MyPOVonline is very easy to use, once registered (via email or an existing social media account, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter) users can comment, share posts and upload their own video point of view (POV) and share posts.

Find out more:

Forthcoming Seminars

Seminars can be booked online using the links below, by replying to this email stating the course you wish to attend, or by simply phoning Emma or Hollie at our office on 01223 929269.

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Until next time, keep safe.

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