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Safeguarding Briefing - 6th January 2020

Dear Colleague,

Happy New Year

No-one knows what this year will bring, hopefully we will see the stability and peace that we all crave. Sadly, the start to the year has already begun with tragedy. Whatever happens, I know that you'll be there for all our children and young people, through thick and thin, happy times and sad. Unbelievable work is being done in schools, charities and other organisations and I pray that you can find the strength to continue.

Remember though that we also need time for ourselves, and we have to recharge our batteries in order to help others. As I've talked about before, burn out is not uncommon and sometimes we have to step back and help others in a different way than we had planned.

Transitions back into school

For some children returning to school, the transition from home over the holidays may not be easy. Beacon House therapeutic services and trauma team have a wide-range of resources on their website, including one about managing transitions.

You can download a top tips for managing transitions here:

How can I help you?

At the beginning of the new year, I thought it would be useful to remind you how I can help.

Safeguarding Briefing - this safeguarding briefing is free and is aimed at anyone interested in safeguarding children and young people in England, although I'm pleased to say that it is read across the globe!

If this is not your own copy of the Safeguarding Briefing, you can join here:

Safeguarding.Pro - Safeguarding.Pro is my paid-for resource site aimed particularly at Designated Safeguarding Leads in schools. Members come from many other backgrounds too, including charities, commercial companies and youth groups. Membership currently costs £149.97 annually and gives access to guidance and checklists, PowerPoints and videos for use in training and a fast-track question and answer service.

To join Safeguarding.Pro, go to

Safeguarding Handbook - this is the definitive guidance for busy Designated Safeguarding Leads, and others with responsibility for safeguarding in organisations. The handbook is now in its 10th edition and is fully up-to-date with all aspects of safeguarding, including Keeping Children Safe in Education (2019) and the new Ofsted Inspection Framework (2019). The Safeguarding Handbook comes in three different versions: the basic book; the book and a CD of useful resources; and a version which includes an electronic file of the handbook which can be uploaded onto the iPads or tablets of your whole safeguarding team

To purchase your copy of the Safeguarding Handbook, go to

Advanced Safeguarding for DSLs - This day-long course is for new and existing DSLs, and is suitable as the statutory two-year refresher. Attendees typically come from schools, but the course is also attended by those responsible for safeguarding young people in many other settings, for example, businesses, apprenticeship providers and local authorities. The seminar is available in London, Birmingham and Manchester; and also at your own venue.

Whole School Safeguarding CPD - I can work with your staff team for a twilight, half-day or a full-day. The content can cover the full range of safeguarding issues, particularly those most relevant to your setting. I aim for the session(s) to be motivating, stimulating and engaging. I use very few slides, if any, so I can guarantee there will be no death by PowerPoint!

Conference Speaking - I speak at conferences across the UK and internationally on safeguarding in schools. My current presentation 'Effective Safeguarding has the Power to Change Lives' aims to motivate people to take action and shape children’s futures by understanding their own ‘why’. In addition to offering a keynote talk, I can also lead workshop sessions.

Mental Health and Well-being - as many of you will know, I have had my own periods of mental ill-health and I now have a presentation specifically addressing the issue, my own journey to wellness and what I learnt in the process. This is what many people call 'lived experience'. This talk will fit into a number of different events, not only safeguarding, so if you are planning any INSET around mental-health and well-being then get in touch.

To find out more, please email or phone 01223 929269 and speak to Emma, my business manager.

National Hub for Supervision in Education (Carnegie School of Education/Talking Heads)

The Carnegie School of Education, based at Leeds Beckett University in development with Talking Heads have launched the National Hub for Supervision in Education which aims to improve children's school experience by helping schools adopt an improved culture of support and resilience within their staff community. The Hub's provision will focus on providing support and training for teachers and educators whose role involves supporting children and young people with issues affecting their well-being and mental health such as stress or anxiety.

The Hub offers a range of professional learning programmes to help senior leaders to establish and develop a culture of supervision for teaching and pastoral staff. A network of professionally accredited associate supervisors will also be able to offer support to education professionals via face to face meetings, Skype or through peer groups.

The Hub aims to address the increasing demands being placed on all staff members within educational settings. This comes at a time when other services that have traditionally supported schools are being reduced. Supervision holds the child or young person at the centre of the supervision working alliance but meets the support needs of the educator too, through a boundaried, confidential, regular supervision space for reflection, enquiry and challenge.

An evidence based quality framework 'Supervision in Education Award' will also be available for Schools to work towards which will further support Schools in embedding Supervision within their schools. The Hub plans to have an annual conference each year, this year it will take place in Birmingham on the 25th June 2020.

For further information on the hub please email or visit the website at

Norovirus (Public Health England)

Norovirus or winter vomiting bug, which causes vomiting and diarrhoea, can wreak havoc in a school and is very unpleasant. Public Health England have issued advice about to minimise the risk of an outbreak and what to do should illness occur.

The guidance can be found here:

A checklist for handling incidents of vomiting and diarrhoea in schools, nurseries and other childcare facilities can be downloaded here (perhaps laminate it):

These handwashing posters from the Cubicle Centre and ERIC (The Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity) are my favourites:

A collection of handwashing posters can be found here:

Posters and other information for younger children are available here:

Further Guidance:

General medical exclusion from schools, nurseries and other childcare facilities can be found here. Note that there were changes to this document in 2018 and 2019. If your current reference is dated prior to February 2018, you should revise it.

Tackling the issue of safeguarding in private tuition (FE News)

People are often surprised to find that private tutors are not required to have an Enhanced DBS check to work with children and young people, even in 1:1 situations. The tutoring industry is largely unregulated and given that 27% of 11 - 16 year olds have had private tuition in the last 12-months (41% in London)*, this is of concern.

The Tutors’ Association (TTA) President, Tim Morris, is a vocal advocate for regulation in this area and shares his thoughts in a useful article in a recent edition of FE News that can be found here:

(*See Sutton Trust

Safer Internet Day 2020 - Tuesday 11th February 2020

Safer Internet Day is coming up in around a month's time, so if you haven't already, now is the time to doing some planning.

Safer Internet Day is designed to empower young people to take control of their digital lives. For 2020 the UK Safer Internet Centre are putting the focus on online identity and asking young people to consider whether they and their peers are truly free to be themselves online.

To help schools deliver practical and impactful activities for Safer Internet Day they have created a range of free resources, including films, lesson plans, assemblies and more!

All the resources can be found here:

Parental Mental Illness Research Magazine Special Edition (Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health)

The ACAMH recently published a special edition of their research-based magazine looking the impact of children who live with parental mental ill-health.

New data published in Lancet Public Health show that nearly a quarter of children aged between 0 and 16 years are exposed to maternal mental illness. Researchers defined this as depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders, personality disorders and alcohol misuse disorder or substance misuse disorder.

The author of one study, Matthias Pierce, found that affected children "are more likely to suffer from a range of negative life outcomes, including poorer physical and mental health, lower educational attainment and reduced quality of

A large number of studies have shown that exposure to maternal depression is a key risk factor for adolescent depression, but comparatively fewer studies investigated the influence of paternal depression on children and adolescents. One study found that paternal depression symptoms were significantly associated with depression symptoms in adolescents.

You can read the online pdf version of the magazine here:

Forthcoming Seminars

Seminars can be booked online using the links below, by replying to this email stating the course you wish to attend, or by simply phoning Emma or Hollie at our office on 01223 929269.

Advanced Safeguarding for DSLs

LONDON Tuesday 9th January 2020 FULL
LONDON Tuesday 28th January 2020 Book Online
MANCHESTER Wednesday, 11th March 2020 Book Online
BIRMINGHAM Thursday 19th March 2020 FULL
BIRMINGHAM Thursday 26th March 2020 Book Online

Until next time, keep safe.

Best regards,

Andrew Hall
Specialist Safeguarding Consultant
Success In Schools Ltd.

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